Popup will not show Javascript again after it closes

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I created a Popup with an html widget that runs a Javascript from aweber for a Join our Mailing list. It works the first time you click it however after you close it if you click it again the Javascript will not refresh / load. The client use aweber to keep all of their customers email address and for eblasts so the data needs to be collected there.

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  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Do you have the script in your site twice? I see it there for 2 different forms. And do they not just have an embed code option instead? You can put it in a popup and link to the popup from your row instead of solving their third party script loading issue potentially.

    For some reason their code is adding zero HTML when it loads the second+ time, that aweber div is empty if you look at the HTML. In the code, it says if there is already an element with the id to end the anonymous function, so it seems like the content is not sticking around after you close the popup.

    I think this is the full script if anyone wants to dig in. You can find it in the source tab w/ google dev tools if you ever need to find a source code file for other use cases! But OP for future debugging, it's super helpful to get as many details as possible, i.e. a link to the software you are using, and copies of any scripts you've added to your site. https://forms.aweber.com/form/86/972824586.js


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    Can you provide your script?? Normally, when we see issues with this, its because of something inside the script, and sadly we always have to say "The provider has to correct it". Then the user (that is you) normally gets a response like "Our code is awesome, and works fine". So There is going to be a little back and forth. However, I can take a look at the script if you would like.

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    Hi @SRobey!

    +1 on @Aj_Pfeil's comment - if you could share the script that would be helpful!