How to get shipping to populate during checkout?


Just launched our first Duda site and im having trouble charging customers for shipping. I've created the zones, priced flat rate shipping for both US and International orders but when items are added to the cart there is no shipping charge. I did check to make sure the items are marked for shipping as in the product tab there is a button to turn shipping on or off. After selecting both and publishing the store, still no shipping charge.


  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 230 MVP

    Does this pertain to the 3rd party store or the native store? I know it's been a few months so maybe you've already resolved this? Zones and shipping can be a bit tedious to setup and I'm assuming it's a configuration issue somewhere. Since you did not receive a timely community response, I hope you worked with Duda support to ensure your shipping was setup properly.