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Welcome to the Weekly Plug! Once a week, we forego Rule #7 which means it's your opportunity to promote your brand and business!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Is it related to web design and development?
  • Is it in line with the other Community Rules?

Not sure what to share? Don't be shy and tell us about ...

  • Did you recently redesign your website?
  • How about a really cool project you've worked on?
  • Are you a really talented Designer, Marketer or Developer?

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  • Rob
    Rob Posts: 2

    Ok, I'll be the first to make a shameless plug for my website design biz at https://www.IWANTAWEBSITE.com

    I've been designing and building websites since mid-2000 (OMG, that's almost 22 years now!), and I've built literally thousands of websites during that time, and of that, about 800 were on Duda, so I'm extremely familiar with the system from way back in the day.

    I'm semi-retired now and only take on small business websites, which is why my rates are so low (possibly too low?), but I truly enjoy what I do, I'm passionate about helping small businesses grow, and absolutely LOVE DUDA!

    So, if you know of anyone who needs a website, just remember www.IWANTAWEBSITE.com (or even www.IWANNAWEBSITE.com for those southern folks!)

    Thanks, everyone for all your help over the years, and I'm always available to others with anything you might need.

  • Jacob
    Jacob Member Posts: 12 Learner

    Jacob from Fitz Designz here!

    We’re a team of passionate, data-driven digital marketers committed to helping small businesses succeed through effective web design and digital marketing.

  • Shane_Hodge
    Shane_Hodge Member Posts: 68 MVP

    LOLOL Rob could you make the logo any bigger.

  • Shane_Hodge
    Shane_Hodge Member Posts: 68 MVP
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    Hey all just a short G'day we have been around since 2013 supporting the duda Community. Just a heads up we will be launching a whole new Pricing Model in February for our Templates, Widgets and Site Builds making it exciting revenue and scale up times for duda Agencies. So keep an eye out on our website www.thecamel.co or our FB page and Newsletter. Hugs to all.

  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 31 MVP

    Have you ever been part of something bigger than you? Something that impacts a team, community, or the world?

    Through Duda, and this community, we are able to become a collective of individuals working towards a common goal: to support business owners and their growth.  

    Ayni Media would be nothing without our amazing clients - the majority of which are other Duda users and agencies. I thought I would take a moment this weekend for the weekly plug and highlight three specific people who have supported my personal growth as well as the initial success of Ayni Media.

    The best part? These special people have become friends along the way. 

    Scott of DigitalTreehouse hired me to support his agency and to provide Duda web design YEARS ago. Although my journey with Scott began as a freelancer, that experience led to the start of Ayni Media as a Duda solution partner. IMO, Scott sets the standard on what it means to be a successful entrepreneur. He has a diverse skillset, is incredibly giving, and genuinely cares about his client's success as well as his team's success.

    Mike of Links Digital discovered my YouTube videos and we began talking about business. He invited me to Clubhouse which was fun, we've collaborated on a few web design projects together, and we have had countless texts and phone calls about running an agency and building a business, both learning along the way.

    Winton of 4DS Digital Studios also discovered my content online as I have consistently promoted Duda as a website builder. A wonderful collaborator and person, Winton has hired me for website work, but we’ve also had many conversations about business as well as our families and travel. 

    With that, I give special thanks to Scott, Mike, and Winton. I am grateful for your business, feedback, and friendship as we continue to support business owners and their growth - together.

    Although I am honored to be considered one of them, the Duda Community is not about Duda Experts. It's also not about competition and self-promotion. It's about supporting one another.

    The world is a very big place. There are new businesses starting every day, and with that, new domains going live every day. Those domains need websites and many of those businesses need our help in order to grow.

    I believe that most people hire you because they want to work with YOU or they want to work with your team. It’s not always about price. It's about availability, responsiveness, consistency, quality, professionalism, kindness, trust, skill, and ultimately..... thriving - together.

  • Shane_Hodge
    Shane_Hodge Member Posts: 68 MVP

    Tom some of greatest friends I have made this past 8 years? Are Agencies we build sites for I hear you. Every year (pre covid) we would do a Road Trip in Australia and visit a lot of our duda mates there. Might be a quick beer, lunch even a few we do the whole family BBQ. Its special indeed. Not all clients want that sort of relationship, but they are my Favourites and they are long term. Good Post

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