Duda's Monthly Community Roundup - November 2023 ✨

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Hello Duda Pros!

It's a bit crazy that we're already into the last month of the year - 2024 planning is already top-of-mind for most of us. Get the most out of Duda with some of our latest solutions, product updates, and member highlights!

November Community All-Stars 🌟

Congrats to our latest All-Stars - they just won discounts on Duda sites!

@Raj_Zavery - The right apps can elevate a website to the next level. Way to share your recommendations & ideas!

@WeebInnovation5100 - Flex and classic Editor can work together. Thanks for sharing how you do it! 
@EdWalzak - Everyone is still figuring out the best ways to use GA4…thanks for sparking a great discussion on web analytics.

*Members can only win once in 2023 - we want to celebrate and reward as many of you as possible!

How to Customize Blog Settings

Members came together to figure out the best way to turn off comments on blog posts, not to mention ways to maintain your styling preferences. Learn More

Members Highlight Newly Built Websites

Your fellow web builders have been hard at work - and @visioncraft has shared some beautiful new websites that they have created with Duda! Do you have a new website published that you're proud of? Share Yours!

The Lunchbox Essentials App in Duda

A few members have discussed the potential uses and benefits of Lunchbox Essentials, an online ordering tool. Have you tried it? Share Your Thoughts

NEW: AI-Generated Alt Text with Duda's AI Assistant

Duda's evolving AI Assitant has a new feature to help you move fast while keeping websites accessible. You can now generate relevant alt text for your site images within seconds - with a click of a button. Learn More

AI Prompts You’ll Love

AI isn't just for the Duda Editor, you may need help in other aspects of your agency’s business, like content ideation or a gap analysis. For those tasks, check out a few of our favorites that you can simply copy & paste into ChatGBT. Start Prompting

Thanks for being a part of the Duda Community 🙏! Check back regularly to ask questions and find solutions. ⭐️