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In the online store, I understand how to add a discount code, but I'm unclear as to how customers get that code and can I specify that only one customer can use that code? In other words, I may want to give one customer a discount, but not all. I have a basic plan.


  • Brenna_Duda
    Brenna_Duda Member Posts: 29 mod

    Hi @Mbeck!

    Great question. To clarify, when you are creating the discount you need to set both the total usage limit and usage limit per person to 1 so that it can only be used once by that one customer. You aren't able to send the discount directly from the store, you will need would to send an email, text, or other type of communication to them.

    I've also included a link to this Support article that provides a bit more information:

    I hope this helps you! 🙏