Monthly Community Digest - January '22 Edition

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Hello 👋

It's the end of the month, which means it's time for our Community Monthly Digest. At the end of every month, we'll share a digest of interesting posts, new League members, important updates, and anything you might have missed (but shouldn't have!) over the course of the month. So without further ado, let's dive in!


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Interesting Discussions

  1. How to Transfer a Duda Site to a Different User Account
  2. Duda vs Wordpress
  3. API Flow: Upload image to Airtable, send to Duda, send optimized image file back to your collection

The League

Congratulations are in order for our first League members!

  1. @Aj_Pfeil
  2. @Elizabeth_Fedak
  3. @nat_rosasco

Welcome to the League! You are now officially a Learner. Here are some rewards you can look forward to:

  • Exclusive badge
  • Shape upcoming features by participating in usability labs
  • Dedicated training sessions with Duda staff and industry leaders
  • Apply to be featured in the Community Showcase
  • Exclusive networking opportunities

Don't know about the League? Read all about our community reward program here.

New Badges


Did you attend DudaCon? Request your limited edition DudaCon badge here. Missed a session? Here's how you can catch up:

Day 1 of DudaCon (Psychology of Website Visitors + Local SEO in 2022)

Day 2 of DudaCon (Agency’s Guide to Fast Scaling + Agency’s POV - Challenges & Opportunities in 2022)

Day 3 of DudaCon (Core Web Vitals + AMA with Itai Sadan and Amir Glatt)

Rather skip to the key takeaways? Here are the top tips for websites that convert (plus a cheat sheet!)

Bug Hunter

Did you spot a bug around here? Report it and earn 400 points towards the League.

Congratulations to @Jacob, @Aj_Pfeil, @Bruce_McCaughan, @Elizabeth_Fedak, @JamieT and @Thomas_Connery on catching a few early bugs!

Duda Community Writer

You may have stumbled upon a tutorial, but did you know you were reading an official Duda Community blog? Submit a blog for consideration and earn up to 250 points towards the League.

Not sure how to get started? Here's are the guidelines for becoming a Duda Community Writer.

Writing for the Duda Community Blog: A Guide

➡️ Coming Soon

A few things we're working on ...

Interview with a Pro

An interview series with your favorite Pros. These interviews will provide insights on how your favorite pros work, their tips and tricks, and lessons they've learned along the way.

Do you have a fellow pro in mind that you'd like us to interview? Let us know!

🎉That's a wrap! Stay tuned for the next Monthly Community Digest!