Auction Plugin

Laswell Member Posts: 9

Hi All. I have a client who wants to run simple auctions on their new Duda site, it would be for members only so I will use memberships but does anyone know of a site or embed plugin I could use?


  • Shane_Hodge
    Shane_Hodge Member Posts: 122 MVP

    @Laswell hi I did a quick search and there is plug ins so my thoughts are that it could be done in duda so would suggest you reach out to one of the dev partners to check it out for you as a widget.

  • Laswell
    Laswell Member Posts: 9
    edited December 2023

    @Shane_Hodge Thanks so much for the reply Shane, I got very pumped when I saw Elfsight was doing one, was the answer I needed but it looks like they have pulled the project based on complexity. there are tons of "Almosts" around, but I think it's gonna rely on integration with a store which may be getting beyond the realms of a widget. 😀

  • Aj_Cre8
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    @Laswell I would also recommend avoiding companies like Elfsight and others that inject 3rd party scripts into your Duda website. If you find something you need, reach out to an Expert to have it built in Duda.