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I have a contact form where the demographic data are set at half width (where there is a setting in the content section) and a message box which is full width (also a setting) I tried to add a checkbox section and it is all scrunched up at about 1/3 of the form width. there is no setting for width. I would like that section to be full-width.

Any Suggestions?

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  • toby_sprolo
    toby_sprolo Member Posts: 3
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    Don Angeles (Duda Support) 

    Jan 5, 2024, 12:38 PM GMT+8 

    Hi Toby, 

    Thank you for reaching out to us. 

    I'm sorry that you had an issue with the checkboxes. 

    I understand that there is no width adjustment for it. 

    Though there is a workaround, basically, you just need to switch to a text field type, which does have the width adjustment. 

    Then set it to max or to the desired width that you wanted. Then go back to the checkbox field. 

    This will be the result:


  • Aj_Cre8
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    Glad you got this resolved. You could have applied some CSS to the filed as well.