Q4 Product Update Recap

Dan_Hansen Posts: 3 Education Team

Hey! It's Dan from the Customer Education team here at Duda with a quick recap (5 minutes!) of all the awesome product updates from Q4 2021. This quarter I’ve teamed up with experts from across the Duda team to review updates related to everything from the App Store to new Education resources.

Now, I'm curious! What was your favorite update from the quarter? Have you tried Membership? Did you know about all of these updates? Let me know below!


  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 31 MVP

    Lots of great additions, @Dan_Hansen - too hard to pick just one!. It was really nice to see the blog link option added, I'm really enjoying the new animations, adding custom social icons will be well received, and the added white-label features are a nice touch as well. Looking forward to another quarter of value-add updates to the platform.

  • Dan_Hansen
    Dan_Hansen Posts: 3 Education Team

    @Thomas_Connery I could play with the animations all day long!!