The Duda Community 2023 YIR - Our Best Year Yet! ✨

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Hello Everyone!

As we wave goodbye to an incredible 2023, let's hit the pause button and rewind through some of our epic wins this year. Trust me, it's been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride, and guess what? You’ve all been the superstars of this show!

The Duda Community 2023 Year in Review

📈 Smashing Records Left, Right, and Center

  • Over 500 New Members: Our community gained 558 new faces, bringing fresh ideas & perspectives. Welcome aboard!
  • 328 Questions Answered: Yes, you read that right! That's how many times we helped each other solve problems, fix designs, and share some serious Duda wisdom.
  • 15 Free Websites Awarded: We started awarding Duda builders free websites from our new All-Stars program and recent giveaways. And we're just getting started! Check out our AI Challenge where 5 more will be awarded at the end of this month.

🌟 Why We’re All Here: The Real MVPs - YOU!

Whether you're a newbie, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in between, all of your contributions have been the fuel that powered this amazing journey. That in itself is cause for celebration. Take a bow!

A special shout-out to our top 5 contributors in 2023. 👏

🙌 Join the Conversation: Your Thoughts Matter

This is your space. Let’s make 2024 the year where every voice is heard, every question gets an answer, and every challenge turns into a success story.

As we dive into 2024, let's keep this momentum going!

💬 Looking Ahead: 2024, Here We Come!

It's hard to believe that a new year is in full swing (where does the time go). But, the Duda team has big things planned for the Community and the Duda Platform. Check out some of our latest product updates and strategies to help you grow your agency in 2024:

What can the Duda team and I do to make this year even better? What questions can we answer? Sound off in the comments! We're always here to help.

Here’s to making more web magic together! ✨🌐


  • courtneyquaresimo
    courtneyquaresimo Member Posts: 185 Leader

    Looking forward to all the awesome things Duda has in plan for 2024!!!

  • Jacob
    Jacob Member Posts: 28 Learner

    Hats off to Duda for highlighting the Community's remarkable achievements in 2023! The growth and impact of the questions showcases our vibrant and supportive environment. Big congratulations to our top contributors - your insights are invaluable!

    Looking forward to the 2024 updates, especially the enhanced SEO features, generative AI, and what's in "store" 😁 for the native ecommerce. These are sure to be game-changers. I'd love to see more webinars of some of the Apps like LUNCHBOX and live Q&A sessions with other agencies, offering deeper insights and practical knowledge of the Duda platform.

    Here's to another year of innovation and growth with Duda! 🌟🚀🌐