cannot add non-flex section; all other section options are greyed out

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The entire back end needs a design overhaul (worst interface I've seen). Advanced grid is unresponsive. Mobile version just overlaps existing flex-boxes within grid. (2x3 to 1x5).
But even more basic, I can no longer anything but a flex section. Everything else is greyed out.


  • Thomas_Connery
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    Bobby, you may need to spend some time in
    You're likely not going to master Duda in one day or one week, regardless of your web design background or what other platforms you've worked with.

    The community is here to help you when needed but we can't help with general complaint posts. Share Looms or video clips, screenshots, etc and one of us members will for sure follow up with you when we can.

  • bobby
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    @thomas thx for your response.
    I've spent a lot of time in the university, in fact.
    here's something specific:
    e.g., in Blog, when I edit the image size in tablet or mobile, the changes apply to all viewports.
    Every other site building software I've used either auto scales to different viewports or changes cascade downwards… from desktop to tablet, from tablet to mobile. Here, changes made in mobile are globally applied. Pls explain the logic here or point me to the relevant university material.

  • Thomas_Connery
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    Although I have worked for multiple software companies from 2011-2023, I can't explain the logic because I'm not a developer nor product manager for Duda. They certainly listen to their customers though. The idea board and community are evidence of that. I've also engaged some of their directors, VPs, and staff in email threads. I know they care.

    Per desktop vs tablet vs mobile, I try to focus on the desktop and mobile experience the most. If tablet visuals are a bit off, it usually doesn't bother me because tablet traffic is typically minimal —- unless I know the client relies heavily on a tablet experience because they use it as a kiosk. Flex is attempting to fix all of this though and I think we'll see some great progress in 2024.

    What I can say, is that I love the platform, and it serves my agency and my clients very well. I started with Duda in 2016. Learning and supporting Duda changed my life for the better. I do my best to embrace the platform's strengths vs focusing on its weaknesses. If you have gone through the university courses and have issues or complaints, I highly suggest you open support cases when needed and either create new ideas or vote up existing ideas to influence positive change.