Can you help me solve migrating old website hosting to duda from InMotion?

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Everytime I try to publish the site and login via the InMotion pop-up screen to migrate the hosting, it says invalid credentials. I know the login information and password are correct because in another tab I'm literally in the InMotion account. Please advise on how to get this site live. Thank you, Will

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    Thank you, Thomas and Scotty, I got duda support on the chat and they were amazing as usual. Props to Pedro Tuyama, aka Duda Rockstar! Client is live and prepped for growth.


  • Thomas_Connery
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    I have not used InMotion but if you are trying to 'migrate' a website to Duda - you likely can't. At least not easily. All of the site migrations I do for other clients require rebuilds. You can import blog articles with help from the RSS feed but otherwise, most primary pages are manually rebuilt.

    Duda is not a typical 'hosting' platform. Perhaps if you could share more information about your site and exactly what you are trying to accomplish, the community can help you more.

  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @TIP - yes, can you share more information? In this case, it may be best to reach out to our support team so that they can look into it further with you.

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    Oh I'm so glad to hear, thanks for the update @TIP!