Mega Menu Widget has sunset?

ewilhelmus Member Posts: 8

Today, I went to update my mega menu through the widget, and I could not access it. It says it has sunset as of November 30th. I am in Duda every day, and I have never seen anything about this app going away. I have reached out to Duda, and they don't know anything about it, and the app maker will not respond. I was wondering if anyone else has had the same issue.


  • the_duda_app_guy
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    @ewilhelmus Apologies, this was an old update. The Camel was making updates to their app and originally this was to be sunsetted, but it seems an old version of the code was released with this flag. I've since removed this flag and the app shouldn't be impacted.

  • ewilhelmus
    ewilhelmus Member Posts: 8

    Thank you! I was having a hearthea attack! I have one site currently using the mega menu and a site about to launch and I was going to be in real trouble if that was the case.