Duda's Technical AMA - February 2024 Recap 💫

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Hello Web Builders,

Thank you to everyone who joined our first-ever Ask Me Anything session!

For those who couldn't make it, I compiled a quick review of the discussion. This includes answers to questions that Duda Builder shared, as well as specific requests on Duda's Idea Board.

Insights from Duda's Technical Team💡

DMARC Policy - Coming Soon to Duda

Our team has recently started building a way for white-labeled emails to have a DMARC policy. This will help prevent spoofing and spam. We'll share an update shortly, and you can learn more about what a DMARC is here. This will validate your email address to anyone receiving your emails.

A Way to Sort Blog Posts Using Tags

You can put buttons at the top of the page with different tags you want to offer, and then have a row for each of the tags using the All Posts widget filtered for that specific tag. Duda's Product team is working to add additional ways to filter, sort, and display blog posts - more news coming in the future!

Popup Capabilities in Editor 2.0

For those who have access to Duda's beta version of Editor 2.0, there is the ability to use the Popup feature! You can link a Popup to any element you have on your website. When it comes to personalizing that Popup using personalization rules - this has yet to be released.

For anyone using this beta right now, please utilize the Give Feedback option within the Editor. Our Product team is looking at everything submitted there very closely. Thanks in advance!

Advanced Header Options in Editor 2.0

By default, when you first add an All Flex or Editor 2.0 template, you will have a basic header. This can be limited, so we recommend toggling on the option for Advanced header editing. If you have the Set as sticky header toggled on and then you toggle on the Change header on scroll - then you can change the spacing to shrink or expand based on what you want the design of your website to look like.

Using Different Internet Browsers

To confirm, there shouldn't be a big difference in performance. The most common browser on desktop is Chrome, and Safari is utilized on most Apple devices. If you are experiencing issues with websites loading, we recommend clearing your cache regularly. This will usually resolve any issues that you are seeing in terms of page speed or loading issues.

Feature Requests Discussed - Add Your Vote! ✅

Duda customers brought up several great ideas that have already been added to the Duda Idea Board. I've added them below so you can upvote them yourself, which helps our Product team prioritize them for implementation. Plus, you can add a comment to any of these ideas sharing your thoughts or how it would specifically help you!

(I've already upvoted all of these myself 😄)

Add Filter for Blog Post Widget


Ability to Add Background Slider Using Flex


Customize Sign-up Form Fields


Stay tuned for our next AMA session coming in March! I'll be sharing an official invite at the beginning of March. As I prepare, who from the Duda team would you like to hear from next? Are there any topics or questions you have already? Please leave a comment below. These sessions are dedicated to you and how the Duda team can help. 🙏


  • Jacob
    Jacob Member Posts: 28 Learner

    Is there a recording of the session available? I missed the first 15min.

  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 307 Duda Staff

    Hi @Jacob! Right now we are not sharing the recordings of these sessions publicly, but we are planning another session with the Technical team for the first half of May!