Why is product variations only available in the upgraded store plan?

Why is product variations only available in the upgraded store plan? I'm having to compete with other site building websites and they offer this feature in their basic e-commerce plans. My clients need to be able to track their inventory but in they have to pay more for that option. Is there another way to do this without having to upgrade? It's actually becoming an issue with my clients and it's hard for me to sell them on this point.


  • Thomas_Connery
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    I don't disagree but this is why I price e-commerce projects at the Advanced subscription tier at a minimum. There are many more benefits at the Advanced subscription level as compared to Basic. My guess is that, since the current e-commerce solution is managed via Ecwid integration, it may be a limitation that Duda has to abide by. When comparing the Duda plans to Ecwid - you can see Ecwid requires the middle tier (Business) in order to support variations as well.

    Long story short -- I'm not sure Duda can do anything about this via Ecwid BUT maybe they can once the Snipcart pricing and options become available.


  • Aj_Cre8
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    We are in the same boat as @Thomas_Connery on this one.. Our clients don't know there is a 100 and 2500 option.. They get unlimited ALL THE TIME, and we price it that way.. This way they get all the features they need.

    Also, to point out that the contract between Duda and ECWID is something that only Duda could explain.. These features are only available on these plans, because that is what ECWID said Duda could do.. This is one of the main reason Duda acquired SnipCart.