Duda’s Community Roundup - February 2024 Edition ✨

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Hello Everyone!

March has arrived, and so have a ton of new solutions and capabilities. Check out the latest from Duda, and help from your fellow web builders.

February’s Top All-Stars 🌟

@jehu1112 - Kudos for providing a verified answer that fixed an overlap issue for a fellow customer. Just a few months as a member and already helping builders!

@Xenia - Inner row woes? Not with your help! Great suggestion to use the Photo Gallery widget.

@Martein3145 A star is born! A few days as a member and you are already asking great questions to build your skills.

*Community members can be a Top All-Star every quarter of 2024, having the chance to win a free website 4 times!

Introducing the Product Updates Category

Duda is constantly releasing new features and capabilities, and now you have a dedicated category in the Community to check out the latest releases. Check out our latest update - new customization features for blogs.

Showcasing Full-Sized Images

When building or refreshing a site, sometimes images can require reformatting. Take a look at a few options @Xenia provided to help. Get Full-Sized

eCommerce Order Notifications

To ensure that your client can get order confirmation updates, make sure they turn this option on in their Store Business Info section in the Editor.

Optimize Your Store

New Accordion Widget Option Available

This request came straight from community members! There are now more design capabilities with the Accordion widget. This design feature offers a beautiful way to present content without making the page too text-heavy. A good example is a page that includes a "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

Check Out the Capabilities

Upcoming AMA Event - Let's Talk Business Strategy

Our next live “Ask me anything” event is coming up on Tuesday, March 19th! Join several members of the Duda team as we dive into how ways to strengthen your business strategy. Save Your Spot

As always - thank you for being a part of the Duda Community 🙌! Share any thoughts or questions you have in a comment below. ⬇️


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