Add More Security to Your Duda Account with 2-Step Verification 🔒✅

Avigayil_Lewin Administrator Posts: 1

Hello Duda customers!

I'm happy to share a new way to keep your Duda account safe and secure. Our team has added the option to add 2-step verification to your Duda account.

Make Your Duda Account More Secure with 2-Step Verification

We suggest enabling 2-step verification for enhanced security, which can be done in just a few minutes.

Simply navigate to your Account Settings and proceed to the Account Security section. Here, you will find the opportunity to activate 2-step verification with the use of an authenticator app, and we will guide you through the process.

Once you’ve set it up, we’ll ask you to enter a code from your authenticator app every time you log in with your email and password, to make sure it’s really you.

2-step verification is available for your team, too!

Duda is committed to the highest standards of account security. For this reason, we've enabled site administrators to mandate 2-step verification for their teams. This means that each existing team member must activate this feature for their accounts within 7 days, while new team members will need to do so immediately upon account creation.

Visit this Support Guide to learn more!

*2-step verification is currently available for all paid account plans and is gradually being rolled out to Custom plans.


  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Amazing work, @Avigayil_Lewin & team! I know this has been heavily requested. The Product team is crushing it with new capabilities this year. 👏👏