My edits are not translating into what is showing in preview/publish


I've made edits to button placement in my hero section but when I checked preview and publish, the placement is nowhere near what is shown in my editor.

Details - Flex section with 3 buttons. larger of the 3 should be down lower with the 2 smaller spaced equally from the upper corners. But it is showing the larger above the 2 smaller and off center.

This has happened to me other times but as I am still pretty new, I thought it was just me messing something up but all I did this time was grab and move and changed the text for the large button.

Thanks so much for your help!

Side note, I am very passionate about web design and like I said I am pretty new but have been learning at an obsessive rate because I truly LOVE it. Im always looking to connect with fellow passionate designers, developers, and marketers!

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  • Aj_Cre8
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    You will need to clear your cache if you are not seeing the changes on the live site. You can do this by pressing ctrl+F5 (control and f5 together). This will force the page to reload and set a new Cache. If that doesnt work, the old fashion cache clearing should.