Duda's Monthly Community Roundup - March 2024 Edition ✨

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Hello Everyone!

Somehow March flew by and we are now in Q2. I hope you all have had a great start to the year. I'm excited about tons of new Product updates rolling out this month for you to take advantage of! Check out new solutions and updates below to start your quarter on the right foot.🧡

March's Top All-Stars 🌟

@Lori_Osborne - You are a true Duda advocate! Thanks for joining our March virtual event & participating in our recent Duda Design challenge.👏

@Ken - Dynamic collections have some great capabilities, thanks for sharing your ideas for Google and SEO benefits. 

@Fabien - Talk about staying booked and busy! Thanks for sharing the amazing websites you’ve built in the last year with Duda.

*Community members can be a Top All-Star every quarter of 2024, having the chance to win a free website 4 times in 2024!

Get inspired with designs from fellow Duda Builders

We recently asked customers to share some of their favorite websites that they’ve #MadeWithDuda. We are seriously impressed! Check out some of your fellow member's sites, and you can find more on LinkedIn with the #MadeWithDuda hashtag. Those that have been submitted will be considered for a feature on Duda's Inspiration page.

How to create a new site using Internal Collection Rows

When you’re ready to create new sites in bulk, you can utilize Duda’s API calls with content in your Internal Collections. Learn More

Create Alt-Text Sitewide with Duda's AI Assistant ✨

Duda’s AI Assistant is getting better every day. Check out how you can now generate the alt text for all site images in a single click! This is a big time saver for any build process.

How to Add a Subdomain to a Duda Website

One of our latest tips walks you through how to add a subdomain to your website in just a few clicks, bringing organization & enhanced abilities. Watch this 1-minute tutorial with @Pedro_T, a Technical Engineer at Duda.

Talk Directly with Duda’s Product Team on April 11th

Our next live “Ask me anything” event is coming up on Thursday, April 11th. Join members of Duda’s Product team and ask them anything eCommerce related. Questions are encouraged - this hour is dedicated to you! Register Now

Let me know if you have any questions! And of course - thanks for being a part of the Duda Community. Check back regularly to ask questions and find solutions. 🚀