How can I have my site without the www subdomain?

wheels Member Posts: 2

I want my site at to not have the www in the domain name. When I remove it the canonical link still reports to and I think I read the site maps all contain the www subdomain.

Is it possible to properly host a site on that doesn't use the www as the default domain?


  • Aj_Cre8
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    I did not believe so! However, @ScottyStrehlow may be able to ask the tech gurus at Duda. I believe it has to have a subdomain of some sorts though.

  • SteveG
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    Correct, we serve our site with and without the www on Duda, but the sitemap points to the www version. It has to do with the way the DNS is set up and that Duda chose to not run their own Nameservers. Many hosts handle all of this themselves, Siteground, GoDaddy, etc.. But managing a full namerserver stack is a lot of work and generally not worth the hassle if you aren't also handling email services as well. Shopify is another host that doesn't manage their own NS.

  • wheels
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    It is my understanding that it's bad for SEO to serve both with and without the www domain.

    The primary question is whether it is necessary to serve both www and non-www versions of your website. The general answer is no—you should choose one and stick with it. Here's why:
    Avoiding Duplicate Content Issues: Serving both versions can lead to duplicate content, where search engines find the same content at different URLs. This can dilute your SEO efforts, as search engines won't know which version to prioritize.
    Consistent Branding: Consistency in your domain structure contributes to a cohesive brand image. Serving both versions could confuse visitors and undermine your branding efforts.
    Canonicalization and Redirection: To avoid duplicate content, you must set up canonicalization or permanent redirects (301 redirects) to ensure that search engines and users are directed to your preferred version.

    So I want to pick one, without the www, I can put in the domain without the www and everything works fine, except duda makes the sitemap with links that include the www. If the only thing duda is doing is the sitemap maybe they could make that a setting (ie. add www to the sitemap links)