Duda's eCommerce AMA w/ Product - April 2024 Recap 💫

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Hey Builders,

Thank you to everyone who joined our most recent "Ask Me Anything" session! It was a great discussion, led by Product leaders at Duda.

We focused on Duda's Native eCommerce solution for this event, and for those who missed it, check out the recap below!

How to Use eCommerce to Enhance Your Duda Sites

First, we wanted to make it clear that having a store online can serve a multitude of businesses, and isn't limited to selling physical products. There are four primary options for an online store, including physical products, digital products, services, and donations.

Examples of eCommerce Websites:

If a client is selling physical products, that's a pretty well-understood setup that anyone with internet access is familiar with (hello, Amazon). But the three categories below could be new revenue streams for your clients (and you):

  • Digital Products
    • Virtual courses or education materials
    • Downloadable PDFs
    • Legal documents (real estate, government, etc.)
  • Service-based offers, including…
    • Home cleanings
    • Hair, Beauty, and Skincare packages
    • Rentals for equipment, event spaces, etc.
    • Car services (detailing, oil change, etc.)
    • Therapy booking
    • Fitness & training sessions
  • Donations & Fundraising
    • Churches
    • Religious organizations
    • Non-Profit organizations
    • Event fundraising

Speaking of examples, a fellow employee of mine at Duda has an online store to support his music, set up with Duda Native - shout to Adrian!

Direct Answers from Customer Questions

  • You can currently add 25 digital files per product. For example, if you are selling MP4 songs, you can add 12 files to one product as an album.
  • We do support importing and exporting products through files like a CSV list.
  • We don't advise customers (or your clients) to try to test websites using tools online. Our engineering team protects sites from external tools and we may detect it as a potential cyberattack and shut it down as a security measure.
  • We have a Client Billing product, and a very nice thing about it is the opportunity to automate payments the same as a subscription. This can be used on stores as well.
  • Duda's AI Assistant can help build a store's catalog quickly by creating product descriptions.

Recently Added Features & Capabilities

Duda's Native eCommerce solution is in GROWTH mode - and by that I mean the team is adding new features & capabilities every month. The four highlighted above are the most recent updates released. This includes:

The latest update allows you to "Go to Editor" directly from a product page in the catalog

Upcoming Releases to Expect Soon!

  • Add to cart button
  • Pick up in-store
  • Product gallery ordering options
  • Google Shopping integration

Visual Example of Real Native eCommerce Site - Dog Training Classes 🐶 🐾

PHEW! I know that was a lot of information. Please ask anything you'd like in the comments. Our team wants to learn what you need to set your store up for success.💰

And of course, while I'm not the master of knowledge, I'm tagging our Product team members who can answer some specific questions - @Yonatan_Shaham, @Rimelfahem, and @Ofri_Baram. 🧡


  • Xenia
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    Can we please, and I am begging, make it so that my client can receive text message notifications when she receives an order on her website? That's a basic necessity. I was using zappier integration and that worked for a while until zapier is now not able to work with Tmobile. I don't know why native ecommerce is just not able to do this simple task?

    Thank you :(

  • ScottyStrehlow
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    Hi @Xenia,

    I definitely understand how important this capability would be for managing an online store. I do see that this has been added to the Ideas Board - I've voted myself and added a link to this thread with your feedback directly on the Idea as well.