Native eCommerce for Event Registration



Does anyone in the community have a live example of a native eCommerce store setup using it for event registration? I have a client that wants to move away from EventBrite and I am wondering if the ecommerce could be a good fit?

Thank you!



  • visioncraft
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    I have a similar question. We're going to try and setup a solution for a client who wants to sell event tickets from their Duda website using the native Store, but it is not live yet. Very eager to hear about other people's experiences, and get any hints and tips…

  • Ofri_Baram
    Ofri_Baram Member Posts: 5 Support Team

    Hello, @Danielle_Speciale & @visioncraft!

    Yes, this is a good question. I'm actually putting together a video tutorial to walk through this more in-depth - I'll share that once it's ready!

    At a high level, these would be the steps to set this up:

    1. Set up a service type product
    2. Limit the inventory to the number of tickets you want to sell

    That should be it!

    If you want to sell tickets to the same events on different dates you can either set it up as several products and add the date to each product's title, or set the different dates as product options and manage the inventory per variant.

    Another option is to set it up as a digital product and upload the ticket as a file that gets sent to the customer after they make the purchase.

    Please note that we don't currently have a way to sell marked seats or something of the sort.

  • Danielle_Speciale
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    Thank you - looking forward to the video tutorial and setting up a site to test this out!