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I was working on a new website for a client and added a section I wanted to use from another website. It had buttons on it that were linked to pages on that other site. I didn't change any of the links yet but was trying to drag the button down to add more top margin and it followed the link when I released it from dragging. The link wasn't there so it took me to the 404 page on the site I was editing. I clicked the return to homepage button and it took me back home but I couldn't make any edits to anything. I clicked the same button I was dragging down to see what would happen and it took me to this screen inside the editor:

I clicked the linked Home text and it took me back to the Sites Dashboard but the top and left side navigation bars were still there. I wanted to see if you could replicate these steps inside of this view...

It turns out you can replicate those steps quite a bit and get an editor inside of an editor inside of an editor.

I have the issue with the buttons following the links attached to them when I'm trying to drag them down to add spacing or move them to another row or column. Not sure if that is supposed to happen but I feel like buttons used to not follow links when dragged around.

Has anyone else gotten this to happen?


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  • Cynthia
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    Hi @Gunnar_Dickson,

    I'm working at Duda Support Team and I'm happy to help!

    I was able to kind of reproduce this bug. Indeed, it seems that if you do not update the buttons link, clicking on them (in preview mode) would break the editor.

    I've reported this issue to our engineering team.

    In the meantime, if the issue occurs again I'd recommend erasing #preview from the end of the editor URL in order to get back to the editor.

    Please feel free to check back in for updates!


  • Aj_Cre8
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    @Sheyla I believe this is something that needs to be addressed... Its really Trippy that you got this to happen. When working with buttons on the editor it should not be clickable.

    I would say RELOAD THE SCREEN with a hard reload (ctrl + F5) and that should fix it. We always edit margin and padding from within the design editor and not by Dragging..

    Sorry I wasnt more help.

  • Gunnar_Dickson
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    I have this issue happen when I'm editing the button, not in preview. When I break it in editor mode there are no URL changes to the editor it just locks up and duplicates itself.

    I just tested what you were trying and saw the issue you were experiencing. I agree with @Aj_Pfeil in that buttons shouldn't be clickable when you're in the editor. I almost always use the design editor to adjust spacing except for buttons and text boxes moving them vertically. I guess with this issue it makes sense to start editing buttons the right way and not dragging them.


  • Aj_Cre8
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    @Gunnar_Dickson I have added this to the Idea board, if you want to share, and vote.

    Disable button click within editor – Have an idea you'd like to share with us? (duda.co)