Core Web Vitals: Infographic

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Do your clients need a visual way to better understand Core Web Vitals? Need more clarity on the difference between Google Lighthouse and Core Web Vitals? Here's a great infographic that outlines the difference between the two.


  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    @Sheyla Thanks for sharing this graphic! I agree this would be a great one to white label.

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    This is a sensational tool bravo

  • Shane_Hodge
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  • Russ_Jeffery
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    Man! My off-hand comment about white labeling really hit the nail on the head! I feel awesome. 😎

  • White Label will great and translate texts to another language 😃

  • Aj_Pfeil
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    With the right software - you can mock over this image easily with your own brand colors - we used affinity to create this in about 10 min. Super Simple..

    We wont be distributing this.. We created it as just a reference for the other pros who want white label. We know that Duda can and will white label as much for us as possible, but sometimes, we can just take the reins and do some creative stuff ourselves.