My First Duda Native eCommerce Platform Website (cart related question)

Robert_Tickner Member Posts: 36

I’ve bitten the bullet and built my first Duda website with their native eCommerce store.

Normally, I use and recommend Shopify, but the client only had three products (with no reviews). Plus, they may incorporate their gym sign-ups for their members down the track, so in this scenario, Duda was the right fit.

I’ve just gone live with this website migration today (moved from WordPress), and I thought for those who haven’t seen Duda’s eCommerce in action, it might encourage you to try it out.

My question: can I change the colour of the button within the cart area? (no issues if I can't)


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  • Yonatan_Shaham
    Yonatan_Shaham Member Posts: 2 mod
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    Hi @Robert_Tickner ,

    Customizing the cart and checkout design is not yet available. However, it is in our plans to develop it.

    Loved your site!