How to connect widget to Store data? [E-COMMERCE]

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I have an active e-commerce subscription. I sell digital products and I was customizing the design of my Product Page (i'm sort of design OCD).

By default there is a Media Slider widget that is already connected to the product images. I deleted the media slider widget that was connected to product images as I wanted only one image widget per product. Now I can't connect anything back and I have the same image or images for all products (dynamic mode).

I followed the support article instructions but when I try right clicking and going to "connect to data" it says I have to upgrade to a Team plan. I'm a solopreneur and I have no need to upgrade to a team plan, all I need is the same connected widget that was already there by default.

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    Hi @AllanLobo,

    I'm sorry to hear this. I know that our Support team can take a closer look. Were you able to connect through email at