Flex for internal / external collections

dondecorleone Member Posts: 2

When will it be possible to connect a flex section to an collection (not the background only) so we do not have to use the basic and really very basic design options of the basic widgets like a list of gallery.



  • ScottyStrehlow
    ScottyStrehlow Member Posts: 343 Duda Staff

    Hi, @dondecorleone!

    It is possible to connect a single image to the background of a section, but not a collection. But it's also possible to connect a widget to the collection - so to override this limitation, you can use the Media Slider widget and connect it.

    Does that provide a solution? If not, please share a bit more detail with me and I'll check with my team. 🙏

  • dondecorleone
    dondecorleone Member Posts: 2

    Thank you but as mentioned in my post, just connecting the background or using a basic widget like

    • list
    • gallery
    • media slider

    does not solve my problem.

    If I could connect a flex section to a collection like i.e. a list widget then I could connect each paragraph or image within within the flex section with data from the collection. this would enable full design capabilities without the limitations of basic widtgets.

    List widget for example cannot change image size at all within the configuratione menu or add more than 2-3 columns from the collection to the output that is rendered.