Agencies - what subscription software do you use?

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We are building a media : agency business with a subscription model as the main product.

Im aware of the Duda advanced store subscription billing which I'm leaning towards to start with.

What do you use for recurring billing of Duda site access and other agency products?


  • Thomas_Connery
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    Great question @Mattb and you're sure to get a number of excellent opinions here. For someone who may be freelancing, new or starting out with a smaller agency, Fiverr's workspace app can work very well and allows subscription billing as well as traditional invoicing. I am a Fiverr workspace affiliate but will not post a link here as I do not want to violate any community rules. If someone is curious and would like a referral link, please DM me here in the community.

    You can also configure subscriptions directly in Stripe. No 3rd party software or integration is needed.

    Suitedash pops up on appsumo now and then and is another popular solution for managing your business, subscriptions, CRM, and much more. Again, great question and there are many amazing tools to help Duda users with client billing, subscriptions, expenses, and more. Happy to chat privately if you'd like.

  • Aj_Cre8
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    This is a great question.

    So, it may not be the answer you want, but Duda Mentioned during DudaCon that they would be setting up a White label Billing System. This is what you want to wait for.

    If you can't wait, you can do subscriptions through Memberstack, Memberspace, wild Apricot, or even Advanced stores within Duda + membership app (in the app store).

    Let us know if you have questions.

  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    I was using Memberspace, but I'm starting to swap everything directly into Stripe! :) You can set up recurring monthly or annual directly in the dashboard. This is how easy it is to add a new product and you can drop a 'pay link' on your site or send it to them as an email. It's also easy to send an invoice out w/ Stripe. If you're looking to integrate it with a DIY flow or the likes, let me know if you're technical and I can post some feedback on that, or else I'd point you towards the Duda Experts board

  • Eva_Pettifor
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    For monthly payments, I have a subscription form that my clients complete and enter their credit card details, I use Paperform for this form and it connects to Stripe and creates the ongoing subscription. I also use Xero for the bookkeeping part of it, you can set up recurring invoices within Xero so I can reconcile everything nicely. I also use Xero to send out repeating invoices that aren't automatically paid by credit card, ie yearly renewals that get sent as an invoice and clients pay via direct bank transfer.