💫 Duda's Technical Support Q&A - May 2024 Recap 💫

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Hello, Community Members!

We had a great discussion last week in our latest live, community event.

Duda's Technical Support team joined us to answer some popular customer questions. For those who couldn't make it, check out a review of the discussion below, including answers and walkthroughs of how to build with the Duda platform.

Solutions & Insights from Duda's Technical Team 💡

How to Adjust Titles H1-H6, Line Heights

To change these, you can move to Dev Mode and add h1, h2, h3, etc. to site.css and then set a specific value and mark it as !imortant.

How to Use Flex Advanced Grid Technology

Utilizing the Advanced Grid within Duda's Flex technology allows you to have a lot more design freedom - but what are some good practices to start with? @Pedro_T walks through how to get started. Learn More

Are there any plans to make Sliders more custom?

We have this submitted as a feature request on the Ideas Board with over 200 votes from fellow customers. Give it an upvote yourself to help Product prioritize it!

As an alternative for media sliders or custom solutions, you can try the Common Ninja app (which has a free plan of up to 300 monthly views on the site) to create a suitable slider for your needs.

Utilizing the Layers Panel of a Flex Template Design

The Layers panel in Flex templates allows you to see every element on a web page and allows you to customize what is shown on different devices. It also lets you customize the names of a layer to help add organization for the Designer.

Editor 2.0 FAQs & Options for the Header & Footer

While the classic Duda Editor does not Flex options for the header or footer, you'll have additional customization with Flex technology when using Editor 2.0. Editor 2.0 is still in beta, but you can request access if you do not have it already.

You can also visit the Editor 2.0 FAQs page to learn more.

A big thank you to @marcella & @Pedro_T for leading this session! 🎉

…what other questions can our team answer? Leave a comment below! ⬇️ 🤓


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    Great solutions here - I'm amped for Editor 2.0 to be released more broadly!