Access & Manage All of Your Project Files in One Place 📁 ✅

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Hey Builders,

I'm excited to announce a new feature that lets you effortlessly add, manage, and access key documents for your site-building projects—all in one convenient location. This enhancement will enhance team collaboration and accelerate your project timelines.

The new "Project Files" section

The new Project Files section under your Site Overview offers an easy way to upload 2 main file categories you and your team can revisit whenever needed:

  • Client Files - this could be anything from customer interview summaries, content collection form submissions, meeting notes you’ve taken, information your client has shared with you and so much more.
  • Site Text - upload any textual document with site text, like the final copy you or your client have prepared ahead of time to speed up the site-building workflow and keep everything organized.

Both file upload options support any textual document like .docx, .doc, .csv, .rtf, .txt, and .pdf.

These will be visible only to you and your team. Any clients you share sites with won’t see this Site Overview option.

Share any questions you have in the comments. ⬇️

I hope this helps keep you organized & streamlined! ❤️