Duda’s Community Roundup - May 2024 Edition ✨

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Hello, Duda Community! 👋

May was a very busy month for Duda - with tons of new features & updates launched and some great problem-solving here in the Community from fellow Duda Pros.

As things heat up for summer, check out the hottest discussions & solutions to help you maximize your Duda experience. 🔥🔥

May's Top All-Stars

@J3rry - Jerry joined the community just a few weeks ago, and has already shared a solution after troubleshooting his own question. Way to start strong!

@Tony_G2 - Another new member asked a great question about printing out data from a dynamic page and discovered a solution by using CSS.

@william - William asked some great questions this month, and we look forward to uncovering more with what you ask in the future! That’s what our Community is all about.

*Community members can be a Top All-Star every quarter of 2024, having the chance to win a free website 4 times!

Answers & Video Tutorials from Duda’s Technical Team

We hosted our latest community Q&A session with our Technical Support team. Check out answers to member questions and tutorial videos for those trying our Editor 2.0 beta. Get the full recap.

How to Customize Location-Triggered Pop-Ups

Targeting pop-ups for specific locations can be very beneficial to clients, and a useful app, HelloBar, can help you customize your pop-up needs.

Check out the use cases

Introducing Duda Connectors

Our new Connector integrations are built to improve your productivity with Zapier-like integrations, extending 1:1 connections to various platforms you and your clients use.

Learn More

Examples of Vacation Rental Sites

Have a new client that’s looking for a vacation booking website? Check out some examples of sites built by fellow Duda builders, plus an app to help with functionality.

Get Inspired

Try the new Project Files feature

You now have access to an all-in-one location to add, manage, and access key documents for your site-building projects.

Get Organized

Thanks for being a part of the Duda Community 🙌!

Check back regularly to ask questions and find solutions. Have a question about anything I highlighted in this post? Share a comment below! ⬇️