How can I set the trigger for a popup to be when an order is placed?

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I have a client with a store where the next step after the order is to collect a bunch of information. I am looking to have a popup after the order is placed that would have a link to the Google form they need to fill out. Is that possible?

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  • Ofri_Baram
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    Hi @CVoneschen,

    What I would suggest is to configure the order confirmation email to contain the form or a link to the form.

    Native eCommerce Store

    In Duda's native eCommerce store, you can do this with Zapier. You can create a zap that is triggered by a new store order and sends an email to the customer with a link or whatever you'd like to include.

    Third-Party Store

    With a third-party store, you can customize Ecwid's email template to include the info that you want. It's not exactly what you are looking for but it may work.


    Another possible solution is not to use ecomm and use the Paperform app instead. this way you can set up a form that collects payments and set up a few steps.

    Option 1
    step 1: add payment details
    step 2: collect all the additional info


    Option 2

    step 1: collect payment via the form and submit the form
    step 2: setup the form so that after submission it redirects to a new page
    step 3: in the new page trigger the popup or whatever you need


  • aborerlong
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    You can configure a popup to appear after an order is placed on your store. Many e-commerce platforms support this through plugins or custom scripts. Integrating a link to a Google Form in the popup is also feasible snake game.