How to optimize the site for SEO for written and voice search in Google SGE ?

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Good evening, we are a printing company from Bucharest Romania. We would like to know or guide us, help, learn how to optimize for SEO for the new written and voice search in Google SGE Google AI Overviews. The Stancu Print company website is


  • Shawn
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    Howdy! Google's generative AI Overviews are still very new and are constantly evolving, so unfortunately you probably won't find any good advice specific to that medium. Instead, a good idea is to make sure your site is following standard SEO best practices and that your content is relevant, original, and high-quality. We wrote a little about how to optimize a new Duda site for SEO in a recent blog post linked below if you'd like to take a look. Don't just take my word for it, Semrush says the same thing. Good luck!