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brett827 Member Posts: 3

Hello, I'm trying to customize my 404 page on two separate sites. One a 3rd party ecommerce and the other a regular site. On both, when I try to customize the 404 page under settings, it doesn't populate the site's standard header.

I'm not sure why, and when I try to copy/paste it in the normal body (to essentially mimic it as a workaround), it still leaves a bunch of space at the top, and it's separate from the spacing settings under edit design.

Is it possible to have the same header populate like it does throughout the rest of the site? Confused as to why it does this in general, especially since the footer populates no problem, unless not having the header is just a common practice I'm unaware of. Thanks!


  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 248 MVP

    The Header by default is usually displayed on the Customize 404 page - and if you hide it, it's likely going to impact other pages. I'd create a support ticket if you suspect there may be an issue on the back end. You may be able to 'revert to original page' and start over also.