Serious SEO Flaw - 3rd Party Stores

jogo1818 Member Posts: 4
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Hi all! I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction regarding this. On 3rd party stores there are SEO fields in the settings, but these are actually not being pulled into the stores. If you have a 3rd party store you'll notice the category titles in browser just default to the category name, but anything you've entered into the settings is not being used.

I spoke to support about this and they said that this would be a feature that needs to be voted on, which I find quite silly as if it's a feature to be built then the fields shouldn't even be there! People are currently likely filling out the SEO fields and have no idea that they are not being used. If the fields are there then this should be fixed so that it is working properly.

I noticed there was an idea board item for this, but it has since been marked as completed with a comment about it being completed on the native store. The idea was never posted to be about the native store as can be seen.

Is there anyone here with access to the team at Duda that can look into this? Especially for a platform that is supposed to be very pro-SEO, I find it very frustrating that there are SEO fields which aren't being pulled in as they should, and that are also probably causing some harm to everyone here and their clients.

Thank you!