Do people have SEO issues regarding low text to code ratio?

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Hi Folks,

It appears search engines now care more about text to code ratio. For a brochureware type of websites (e.g. we are trying to deliver useful information in short enough form), Duda pages appear to result in very low text to code ratio.

What are your experiences and perspectives in regards to this topic?


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  • Shawn
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    While some professional tools like to measure a website's text-to-code ratio, expert's like Google's own John Mueller have stated that it isn't actually a ranking factor the search engine uses.

    That being said, there are some good ideas related to text-to-code ratio that are worth paying attention too. For starters, the text really is what Google cares the most about. Above all else, useful content is key for ranking.

    On the code side, search engines are mostly worried about performance. A lot of unnecessary code can be an indicator of poor performance, but not always. The best way to check how well your site is performing is by using Google's PageSpeed tool.

    In short, if your content is useful and your site is fast the actual ratio of text-to-code shouldn't impact your SEO. A lot of text =/= useful content!

    Another good source: