Stats - Intended experience??

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Hi, when you send a monthly stats report, toggled to "last month", the email includes Visits and Page Views for the most recent 2 months.

But that's it.

If you click through to "See Full Stats", it just defaults to the current week. I (or the client) would expect to click through to stats pre-set for the "last (full) month".

I am now recalling why I don't bother and just tend to use actual Google Analytics :-P

But I would be interested to know if this user experience is intended, or something is amiss.



  • MattW
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    I agree that it would be nice to default to Month instead of Week but my clients tend to prefer the simplicity of Duda Stats compared to Analytics. I haven't received any complaints about the default view.

  • The Duda Team
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    Hi @Bruce_McCaughan - thanks for the feedback! Adding the 'Stats and Analytics' tag so that this feedback gets to the right person!