Strategies for Staying Competitive with Duda Price Hikes?

Jaffe Member Posts: 7

I've been a Duda agency account owner since 2021 and have seen several price increases during this time. Although I should be considered a legacy account holder, I'm not entirely sure how that works.

While I understand that prices can go up, I've noticed a decline in support since I joined. Initially, I could speak with a support member immediately, but now it takes 2-3 days to receive a response. This impacts my ability to provide timely service to my clients.

My pricing structure is designed to be competitive with other website builders. However, the most recent price change makes it challenging for my agency to remain competitive, especially when compared to more robust platforms like Webflow.

How are you all handling your hosting fees on your white-label platforms? Has anyone migrated to another platform, and if so, what was your experience? I'm looking for insights on how to keep my clients happy and maintain a competitive edge.