RESOLVED - Any idea why my blog page does not show the top 6 blogs or header?

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I published a blog post and went to check out the live version and displays in the middle of the list of blog posts, cutting off the 6 most recent posts and the header ( ). When I go to the page in the Duda editor it looks like Image 1.

I have tried deleting the widget, deleted the row and added a new row, cleared all padding, and nothing works. If I only show 6 posts it looks ok, but that is not a fix.



  • Thomas_Connery
    Thomas_Connery Member Posts: 248 MVP

    William, were you able to resolve this? I looked at your main blog page and they appear to be in order by newest first. I assume you are using tags heavily in order to display specific tagged posts as a category for certain blog widgets. When you filter by tag in the ALL POSTS CONTENT widget, it will only show your tagged posts BUT they should be listed as the newest published date first.

  • williamf
    williamf Member Posts: 19

    I just created a new page for the blog and it resolved the issue.