How to Add Apple Pay & Google Pay to Your Duda Online Store 💰📲

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Hello web builders! 🌈

João here, bringing you a quick walkthrough of how to add a few of the most popular payment methods for online purchases. Check out this quick video walkthrough, or I've also added the steps below it. 😉

How to Add Apple Pay & Google Pay to Your Store

Take it step by step if you'd like:

Step 1:

On your Duda native store dashboard, go to Payment Gateways. Make sure that Stripe is enabled & connected.

Step 2:

Click more payment options and select Apple Pay or Google Pay. This will take you to the Stripe dashboard.

Step 3:

Turn on Apple Pay or Google Pay by opening one of these options & go to Configure Domains.

Step 4:

Go to Add a new domain & add your own domain. Find the file on your computer and change its extension to .txt. Then head back to the Editor.

Step 5:

Go to SEO in Settings → URL Redirect → Add New Redirect.

Step 6:

Under Source URL, paste the location provided earlier. Click on Upload File and select the txt. file that we changed earlier. Then click Add and republish your site.

Now your customers can checkout with new payment methods and you can increase the store's revenue!

Let me know if you have any questions. 😁