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michaelmiller Member Posts: 1

I'm working with a client who needs a recipe blog as part of his site. Is there anything like the WP recipe card plugins for Duda? Something that will capture the key components of a recipe and allow you to segment that on a page and also have a print function?


  • jeennnyjames_123
    jeennnyjames_123 Member Posts: 4


    I think you should Duda doesn't have a specific plugin like WP recipe cards but you can achieve similar functionality. You can create custom content blocks or modules for each recipe component (ingredients, instructions) and use Duda's layout tools to organize them on a page. For print functionality, you might need to implement custom CSS for print styles or use JavaScript to trigger the print dialog. It involves a bit more manual setup compared to dedicated recipe plugins, but it's feasible with Duda's flexible design capabilities.