Duda’s Community Roundup - June 2024 Edition ✨

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Hello, Web Builders,

We are already in Q3…how did that happen so fast!? In case you missed out on a few things, I've got you covered with some highlights and updates from the past month.

Everything you need to know about mobile page speed

If websites don’t load “instantly”, then clients question their performance. Get the insights you need to test and back up page speed results - featuring an expert on our team, @Russ_Jeffery. This includes a few tools that you can use to regularly check page speed:

How to trigger a pop-up when an order is placed

For those of you with eCommerce stores, you can make a pop-up trigger when an order is placed. This can be done using Duda’s native store, a 3rd party store, or even Paperform. Learn More

How to Add Apple Pay & Google Pay

Speaking of eCommerce, you can make a great upgrade to your store’s checkout experience by adding additional payment gateways. A member of our Technical team, @joaocoelho, walks you through it in one of our latest tutorials, and you can also find the step-by-step instructions written out here.

How to find a hidden element in the Editor

It’s easy to hide an element, but if you need to backtrack, it’s just as easy to unhide an element or item. In the side panel, below SEO & Settings, click the Unhide Element icon. Hidden elements are now displayed for the device you are currently editing. Learn More

The Alt Text Manager now includes icons, too

The Product team recently launched an impressive library of over 5 million free icons that you can use. Now view all the icons used on a Duda site in the Alt Text Manager, and generate the alt text tag for all of them at once, in bulk. Check out more product updates.

✨ June's Top Community All-Stars ✨

@Brayden21 - Upon joining, you gave a very helpful answer that same day. Thanks for jumping in to help!

@Johny - You took the initiative to introduce yourself and ask for help from members, that’s what Community is all about! Talk to Johny

@brettjhonson - A new member and already starting good conversations. Thanks for starting strong with us!

*Community members can be a Top All-Star every quarter of 2024, having the chance to win a free website 4 times!

Thanks for being a part of the Duda Community! Check back regularly to ask questions and find solutions. 😊


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    @connections game I noticed a noticeable improvement in page speed.