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Welcome to the Weekly Plug! Once a week, we forego Rule #7 which means it's your opportunity to promote your brand and business!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Is it related to web design and development?
  • Is it related to business strategy, marketing or industry tips?
  • Is it in line with the other Community Rules?

Not sure what to share? Don't be shy and tell us about ...

  • Did you recently redesign your website?
  • How about a really cool project you've worked on?
  • Are you a really talented Designer, Marketer or Developer?

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  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Hey everyone!!! I have some exciting things going on at Widget Pro and will be releasing a subscription/flat rate option on a DIY flow + dashboard option around the end of the month. :) Send me a message if you're interested in getting info once it's live! The dashboard will let your end users do things like view basic site stats, manage adding other users to their site(s), buy more sites from you, manage their subscription(s), modify auto-email text content, and more! I'm super excited to be able to offer this so soon.

    Another exciting thing I wanted to share is I created Widget Pro's very own version of the "idea board" strictly for custom widget development requests that everyone might want to use! The most popular ideas will make their way into my dev roadmap + the widgets will be priced competitively rather than including any custom dev charges. Here's the link where you can post your requests + follow them for updates :) https://www.widgetpro.io/widget-shop-requests

    One last thing, the 'community' signup option on my site gives you free access to all of my content, CSS tips, JS tips, and more. https://www.widgetpro.io/resources A few authors have already contributed content that they created. I'll be updating that library slowly over time with curated tips + tricks . If you want to see a new solution posted, use the corner popup to ask your question. Don't forget to ask in the community as well though!! This is *not* an on-demand question answering service and is really meant for curating a library of searchable solutions, so if you need help on something stat, please continue to use the community as the best destination! ❤️ And if you have cool resources on your site, send me a message and I'll link to them!

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