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If I wanted to have a custom website with a user interface and database or other custom on page calculators, etc., would Javascript be used for that? Or would that be done in PHP?

I am just looking to understand if the Duda platform can be used for a custom web application OR if I need to just start from scratch (without Duda) and roll with something like Angular, etc. I understand if this sounds like a dumb question. Just trying understand the capabilities of the platform for customization.



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  • Rene
    Rene Member Posts: 38

    Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I have a customer looking to make a platform that has a mixture of a social and a gig site all in one. The first pass is more of an MVP. Specs are in progress. So I am looking to determine whether to go with Duda/widget, WordPress with plugins or just go the Angular route.

    Your response is helpful towards making a decision.

    Sincere thanks!


  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    Hmm that's tricky. If you're trying to recreate something like Fiverr/Upwork, it might not be the best fit for Duda. That said, what would be a great fit is if that company grew and you needed a customizable page for each freelancer where they could buy a single page site from you hosted on Duda and make a subdomain etc. It might be possible with the membership feature depending on how robust you need features to be, but things like messaging and having customers set their own products etc would be tricky. But if you don't need to automate it you can look into some apps you can integrate that allow things like scheduling and use a filtering widget tool to at least showcase the members of your gig community and have them be easily searchable. So on that one I'd say it depends on your budget and if you really are trying to develop an app for your client, or just need to get the MVP and can scale back on some aspects to keep costs down.