don't know how much should i charge if i build website on Duda for clients

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Hi just starting my freelance web design business but dont have any clue about Dudas web design price range. How much should i charge for designing 5 pages website including contents

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    Hi there! You'll get a lot of answers to this question. I posted some answers from the old community below

    I charge $1000 for a standard 5 pages website. Prices go up based on number of pages & availability of content. + $25 monthly fees.

    The reason I rarely go below $1000 is because of the amount of work involved (basic copy writing & design elements, flexible review process, etc...)

    I charge $500 (this is very negotiable) and then $99 a mo for unlimited changes, support, hosting, updates, and domain name renewal. The reason I say the $500 is very negotiable because I am more apt to accept a website as long as they are paying the monthly fee. I will negotiate the $500 down for a yearly or two year contract at $99 a mo. This is the cell phone business model for websites.

    I do fast, simple, templated websites and I charge $500 + $39/mo. I'll be staying at that rate for the foreseeable future.

    $97/mo. This breaks down to $39/mo and $696, but I do installments of the $696 over the first year.

    Typically after a year, clients want a fresh look which is another $696 and that continues.

    If they want to just build it themselves, $39/mo.

    Won't touch for under 5k and an ad spend budget of 8-10k per month. I deal in a very high-end niche and they can afford it 

    We have a wide range. Everything from the DIY builder option all the way up to $15k.

    This was the most interesting post i've seen yet on this page 

     I charge from 697€ up to 1800€ per website and charge 147€ in annual fee, still feel like i havent figured out the recurring revenue stuff. Will look more into it after reading this post 

    Starting websites with Econcept (Duda Platform) is $1999 and $79 per month or they can have with ZERO set up and $150 per month... For those of you who under cut you are just hurting yourself.

    I charge from $2500-$5500 for a 5 to 10 page site and then $50-$60/ month which includes hosting, basic SEO & two hours per quarter of editing support.

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    There are a lot of folks out there who will tell you a lot of different things..

    Simply put, charge what you feel your time is worth, and what aligns with your business goals.

    Some will say if you're cheap, you're hurting, but if your goal is to HELP small business, then you need an affordable solution. A lot of people in this space are all about 🤑🤑🤑 MONEY MONEY MONEY, and while you do need to be compensated for your time, your goals need to align.

    We don't charge a design fee. We charge 3 different plans, and each of them come with a Custom Site, and the monthly fee varies based on what services you want from us. Its a new model for us, so I don't have enough Data to tell you if it works or not. lol.. We are not a money hungry agency (you can ask the Duda Pros that we work for). So what works for us, may not work for you. We don't do this to feed the family, we do this because we enjoy it and want to help people.

    We are also offering a Partnership model to build sites for other Duda agencies that follows suit. You pay a monthly fee, and you get a discount on our services, based on your plan.