New Duda University Certification!

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Hi everyone! I’m Olivia, Learning Experience Designer here at Duda. I wanted to let you all know about Duda University's newest certification exam, Duda Certified in Sales Strategies for Agencies!

This certification covers everything from service packaging best practices, to sales process efficiency, to even identifying ideal customer profiles for your own business.

And if you need to brush up on your sales knowledge before giving the exam a try, Duda University’s Sales Strategies to Grow Your Agency learning path covers all the topics mentioned above and more!

If you’re ready to show the world (and yourself!) that you’ve got top-notch sales smarts, it’s time to get Duda Certified in Sales Strategies for Agencies.

Click here to get started!


  • Aj_Cre8
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    That's a great course. Good to have in your arsenal! It's not something I would brag about to your clients. "Hello Mr/Ms client, I have been certified to sell this and close the deal" lol.

    It's a really good resource to put your sales reps through!

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Gotta agree with @Aj_Pfeil love the course Idea but really its one of those badges you would keep P&C, bragging about it would not sit well with Joe or Joanne Average client. Well done duda Uni