Files in dynamic pages?

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I want to have a PDF file connected to a dynamic page. That is, the PDF is different for each entry in the collection. How to obtain that from the files stored in the project? Or do I need to upload the files in Google Disk or similar, and enter the links in the collection entries?

Seems like the "Link" in the collection tries to force "https" in front of anything that is put in there, making it impossible to use relative paths.

The easiest would be to insert files the same way as images in the collections.... But I cannot find a way of doing that.


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  • Elizabeth_Fedak
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    I think you just need to change the path! :) Rule of thumb–never use a relative path for files stored on Duda sites–your uploaded files are stored in AWS and the server path is *not* your site's domain. You can see a screenshot below of what your file's URL should look like. You can get the URL for the file by clicking on the magnifying glass in the file finder if you're uploading it to Duda.

    What I have clients do is add the full file path in a column w/ a plain text type and usually create a custom downloadable file button for them. But you should be able to link to it no problem once you update the connection to be to a full url path.

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    Thanks. :)