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I've been designing sites for a lot of years, mostly for Service Providers and Personal Brands, along with some really light eComm. My pricing structure / estimate process is pretty down pat for those.

When it comes to larger eComm sites, what are some pricing tips? I mean how much more work is a store with 750 products vs maybe only 100 products? If everything is imported via a CSV files, what individual attention is each product getting and what do I need to consider when it comes to where my time will be spent?

Any insight is helpful. TIA!



  • Aj_Cre8
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    Ecomme with Duda is super easy.. Even more so if they have a Rock Solid CSV.. The issue that I have seen is the CSV does not always play nice with ECWID. So, if you can get that to work, essentially you are designing ONE PRODUCT and three ecommerce pages.. Thats it..

    For our Agency (and for our clients, not our Duda Partners)

    We charge:

    eCommerce Setup - $300 (one time fee)

    Product Setup $20 per product if its a manual entry

    Hourly Rate if a CSV upload and that will allow us to take the time go go in and check all the products and options (generally about 2-3 hours min).

    Then there is the monthly support which is about 25-30% higher than what Duda Charges and of course all our other added value services.

    I have seen lots of agencies charge lots of money for eCommerce. They are high dollar sites and you can easily fetch 5-10k (usd) for a 750 product store.

    Hope this helps.