Missed Opportunity with Inquiries?

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I am curious to know how others deal with inquiries like this....

"I just finish building my website, I was hoping to get some help on touching it up and making sure it falls under the right policy for most channels. Also getting some advice for understanding marketing. "   

My natural response is, what platform is it on and if it's not one of the two I work on, I just tell them I can't help them. Then I was thinking? Am I missing an opportunity for work? Or is my gut right thinking, I have no idea what mess you have created and I want no part of it...



  • Aj_Cre8
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    Generally a message like this would strike me as someone who is interested in Doing It Themselves, but would like a little helping hand every now and then.

    I would definitely ask about the platform as you have to stick with the tools you know, and if it falls within your scope, give them a live video review of their website. Lots of pros are doing this!

    As for the marketing, I would explain to them that you can help them with their marketing, but if they are wanting to learn DIY marketing a platform like Udemy or something may be best.

    In the end, if you have what they need, and you CLICK they will hire you. If not, it's what I call a soft outreach, and someone new knows you and knows how to get in touch with if they need help. 😎😎 Hope that answers what you were asking.

  • Shane_Hodge
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    Hey @Lesli I like what @Aj_Pfeil said in his last Paragraph, "Soft Outreach" I will second that motion. I cook a lot and I am a great believer in to many chefs spoil the broth principle and I cant take over a half done dish, I would throw it out and start again. So, be nice, make a friend and you never know what will come of it. Hugs to ya

  • community_manager
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    Great perspective! Fostering relationships is an invaluable business practice, whether there's a deal on the table or not.