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Hi All,

I think my current proposal/quotation template doesn’t adequately support my charges - it’s kind of stripped back and doesn’t convey all the work that’s involved that leads up to the end product or help to “justify” the billed amount. 

Do you know where I can get (or can you share!) a good template for a multipage, essentially static, website.

Would need it to include the “typical” work involved in building a site, from research to wire framing, copy-writing, build, on-page, schema, SEO etc etc.

I think it would be great fir Duda to have a repository of white-labelled documents that we could for this and other agency functions. Eg content gathering.

Thank you in advance 

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    Hi @Raj_Zavery!

    I agree, a repository of white label lead/workflow documents would be a great resource. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Are you looking for a generic one that you can just alter for your own agency? There are HUNDEREDS online.

    @Shane_Hodge's team has a pretty solid questionnaire when building custom sites you can draw inspiration from (I'm sure he wont mind). PandaDoc has pretty awesome templates, and they even offer a free version so you can down to the Nitty Gritty inside their platform.

    In my experience, something that works best FOR YOUR BRAND needs to come from YOUR BRAND. You know what work is involved with building a website, and what you have to do to get a client launched. So draft something and always go based off of "Worse Case Scenarios".

    For instance -

    While designing your site we try to be as rapid as possible, however the mockup process could take up to 45 days (know that it will never hit 45 days). Make Sense?